About The Awakened Youth

The Awakened Youth is a moment of rebellion against injustice and for human rights. Read in-depth about the idea here.

(Here’s a video explanation of what is The Awakened Youth.)

How does it rebel?

The Awakened Youth gives voice to the unheard and demands respect for their rights through its battles it fights with the power of the internet.

What does it write about?

It covers current affairs, political topics, and everything that concerns the fundamental rights of a person.

The Awakened Youth believes that educating people about policies, rights, and democracy is as much important. Consequentially, you can find extremely educational content doses too.

What makes these articles stand out from the crowd?

The Awakened Youth writes exhaustive articles that help you make sense of a large amount of (and often conflicting) news you consume through various sources.

Its Articles are extremely well-researched. For every data/information provided, its source is also mentioned. No bullshit; no stories; all facts and data.

PS: Remember it does not intend to tell you what to think, instead it aspires to teach you how to think about a specific topic.

What is the mission of The Awakened Youth?

The Awakened Youth exists to lead the world through India toward a place that will be heaven to live in. To make India great again.

The Awakened Youth stubbornly believes in The Indian Dream and strives to achieve it by all means.