Fundamental Human Rights

For those who will rather listen

We as humans have inherent rights for ourselves.

Things don’t have rights. Think about a pencil damaged by a mischievous kid, for example.

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady of the United States.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 was the first step by the UN to establish and reinforce Human Rights

Human Rights are by nature indivisible and inalienable. That means restriction or oppression of one right may take away or limit other rights for an individual or community.

UN has its limitations. It cannot force the government to take action on a violation of Human Rights. It can only track and inform the government, and urge it to take action.

In a nation, not only the government but also its individual citizens, businesses, and communities are in an obligation to protect and respect the human rights of themselves and others.

In India six fundamental rights are given to its citizens in the constitution:

1. Right to equality – equal treatment for people from all backgrounds.

2. Right to freedom – freedom of expression and speech.

3. Right to freedom of religion – choice of what religion to follow.

4. Right against exploitation – choice of denying the expected work.

5. Cultural and educational rights – it empowers minorities to establish their regional institutes or form communities.

6. Right to constitutional remedies – this right ensures the existence of all others and reinforces their effect.

Guys, this is basic knowledge and context for Human Rights history. If we don’t know it, how we can fight for it. That’s why I’ve written this short and hopefully comprehensible post.

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