Aatmanirbhar Bharat: The Indian Dream

For those who will rather listen

Every generation should be better off than the previous one, that’s one of the fundamental themes of ‘The American Dream. Another is equal opportunity irrespective of your social class.

Many people argue that it’s called the AMERICAN because only America can achieve it.

That’s where it hurts me. I not only disagree with them but I truly believe India is going to be the world leader in the future. We must achieve this – what I like to call – The Indian Dream – by 2050.

I’m hopeful because I believe in the power of youth.

Our youth is being educated, and they are open to ACCEPTANCE of the reality of gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights.

Data in this context:

According to Statista Research Paper, published in October 2020, 74% of youth involved in the research acknowledged that getting into same-sex relationships is an individual choice. That means we’re fairly adaptive of homosexuality, and rightly so.

According to another survey among young Indians, a majority of respondents, 79 percent in metros and 73 percent in non-metros, agreed that women could wear western clothes or jeans to colleges. That again just tells us the shift we’re observing against orthodox ideas of what it means to be a woman.

We’re a nation with the largest youth force and we must have an as bright leadership to make INDIA GREAT. I’m not the first one to dream of it.

APJ Abdul Kalam Sir dreamed about it. In his book The Ignited Minds he dreamt to make India a developed nation by 2020.

He explains in his book that there are four stages for a nation to arrive at:

1. Athlete Stage: When a nation just recovers from independence struggle.

2. Warrior Stage: When people and organizations compete for being better; the nation gets better too this way.

Note: Stages 3 & 4 are not necessarily sequential, they can coexist while one stage dominates the other.

3. The big brother Stage: Where a country is done proving itself to the world and helps other countries grow along with it.

4. Self-realization state: Where a country realizes its true essence. It understands earth and its resources are something the whole world shares. Its people realize their individual responsibility to fellow human beings.

We are actually standing on level 2 and this must exceptionally change in the next 30 years.

What does The Indian Dream Mean?

A) ZERO COMMUNAL VIOLENCE: Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs, Christians, Zens, and all the religions I’m unaware about are all children of ONE MOTHER – mother India.

B) Leadership in ‘net-zero CO2 emission’ global goal. This is the first time ever The Awakened Youth is standing up against Global Warming.

More on it in the future. And to stand up against it as a community, I request y’all to start talking about it within your family and friend circle.

C) Basic healthcare and education to all.

D) Goes without saying all the economic progress, military-ic competence, and sophisticated international relations.

America has no doubt established itself as a superpower over the past century. But the quality of life for a layman is not so great either. Everything comes with a cost. And they paid in terms of their people’s quality of life. Source.

We will be the no. 1 on the happiness index and in the GDP number by 2050.

Because why not?

If we can be celebrated as “Sone Ki Chidiya” (Golden Sparrow) in the past, we can definitely fulfill our THE INDIAN DREAM in the coming future.

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See ya! 🙂

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