India (and world) from the eyes of an awakened youth

For those who will rather listen

In this blog, I’ll provide accurate information and the information guiding you to the right way of thinking, information about what’s up around the world, and in India as a preference.

Justice is not just about having equal opportunities for growth, but it’s about the protection of one’s own sovereignty – which is sacred – over their life.

Well, why it is so important to talk about it?

To become more empowered and independent in the choices we make, we must fight to the things and people who have – by law or not – enough audacity to assume they know better for us than we know for ourselves. And it implies our inability to decide for ourselves. History tells us, that’s precisely the assumption made by all the catastrophic and unfortunate dictators about the common everyday people like us.

A human should have the basic human rights, not as written in a paper, but in action in reality.

For an idea of what I’m trying to convey – where I’m standing today is the result of several major and minor violations of my inherent rights, such as my choices of education have been ‘dictated’, my right to life and right to freedom has been violated, which caused me years of struggle, inner conflict, self-sabotaging habits, and not to mention the philosophical suffering.

Heck, it could have killed me if it wasn’t for……..well, I ain’t going to tell, not now.

Nobody deserves to suffer – inevitable it is nevertheless – we can surely cause less of it in society, by a collective and passionate effort.

It requires a rebellion against pre-existing systematic injustice – in the ways the things are being done, with corruption and bias. In the ways people are being treated – hierarchically, based on the political advantage they can offer in return.

Government running after power and money rather than development and unity.

Talking of recent times in the Indian context, again and again, freedom of expression has been violated by the Government. Which is simply unacceptable.

It requires the willingness to standing up for ourselves. And the belief that we DO have power, strength, and courage to change the things for better.

In the hope that it’d inspire ‘right actions’ in people rather than ‘easy’ ones, I took it on myself to ensure the existence of a much fairer society for the generations, coming in later years and till the end of time, and hence I start this mission in the form of this blog – at a rather initial stage.

The Awakened Youth – are you one?

I’ve got your back, if you are or not, let’s walk this road of rebellion together, and strong.

Okay, so how exactly it’s going to work?

I’ll write about the hottest AND important topics of town, and would gonna give you most accurate and unbiased information. I’ll present my arguments, and would enlighten you with the opinions of experts in fields too. That’s where your role comes into play, after reading all the information and arguments, YOU HAVE TO DECIDE FOR YOURSELF, what do you believe in? What do you think should be done? What initial steps can the government take to ACT on your suggestions? And what steps you are gonna take to make a difference on a personal level? Above all, I want you to REFLECT on what you’ve read.

You guys would need to SHARE the posts, so maximum amount of people can join. every time when a new post shows up.

You guys would be needing to comment your opinions to clear confusions and suggest solutions, you guys would be needing to speak up on your social media and in your friend circle, not with hatred towards someone or something, but with the love of justice.

Ready to rebel?

If heck yeah, It’s a humble request to sign in for direct delivery of my articles, right in your mail box.

Together we’ll make a difference!

10 thoughts on “India (and world) from the eyes of an awakened youth

  1. aadityaa01

    Great! The words you have used clearly show the wit and openness of your thinking capacity. Great work, dude!

    1. princemanaybora Post author

      Yeah, you know what, we all can be capable, that’s what makes life worth living, learning, growing, and becoming more capable everyday. Thanks for support! We are together capable of, well, making a difference! :))

  2. Gaurav kumar

    Great work dude , keep going and I will really thankful to join you in the path of justice and sovereignty.

  3. Rohit Haridasan

    Sensational! Now that’s how you captivate an audience.Job well done man.Such a good read.Keep up the good work.


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