Inhumane and Spineless Attacks on Journalists and Abdul Sadam

For those who will rather listen

On June 13, a video went viral on social media showing a group of unidentified men assaulting an elderly Muslim man and cutting off his beard in Loni in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad. There’s no audio in it, however.

On 6th June Abdul wrote a complaint stating that he’s been threatened to chant “Jai Shree Ram” and that he’d be killed. Source.

So this is clearly a religious aspect if Abdul is to be believed.

On 14th June police released a statement that stated that it is not Hindu-Muslim riots.

Now for once imagine if you were a journalist and you are among the first ones to report the video and old man’s side of the story. You’re probably proud that you reported quickly and transparently.

Unfortunately, real-life first reporters were not so privileged.

Several Journalists including news organization The Wire have had FIR against them by Loni police. A day after that even Twitter got reported.

These could be sentenced to jail for 9 years.

Police in their statement said that they intended to incite communal violence between Hindu and Muslim communities.

When Times 18 – a news network owned by Ambanis – shown the same videos, which was ironically before the tweets, no action has taken against them. Even if we were to believe that journalists are wrong, why these selective FIRs then?

Why does it sound like an organized attack on selected media than a real service to the nation?

Repeat after me:
India is a democratic country. Its constitution approves of and advocates for press freedom. It’s disrespectful for our country to have people in power who do not respect our soul – our constitution.

Yes, it is a short piece, nonetheless – indispensable to know for all of you.

Spread the word to stand up for the human rights of Journalists – the unsung heroes of our country!

See ya in our next battle!

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