Not so Legal (and godly) Dudes: Sat-gurus!

For those who will rather listen

This is going to be a new series at The Awakened Youth. Where we’ll talk about all ‘Not so legal’ things. They cost us the human rights of common people all the time. Yet often these powerful people get away with it. Which is a shame. It is important when so many people WORSHIP the dude. We are here to Rebel!

Jaggi Vasudev, best known as Sadhguru has millions of followers on social media. For many people, he’s a great spiritual leader and godly man. Except for his empire of Isha Foundation has been built Illegally. He makes nonscientific claims that just make you scratch your head hard. Highly recommend article in the same context.

So what’s wrong with being a godly man? Is Isha Foundation Fake?

It just does not do justice to human logic. There are flaws and limitations of every person. A person who sells you mystic things and concepts not to be believed for a rule of thumb anyway. You should define truth and reality for yourself. If you can’t do that, you’ll be sold to other realities. And then you’ll be trapped. You’ll inevitably navigate life with YOUR REALITY and it will get contradict this guru’s reality and before you know it you’ll be questioning your sanity.

That’s for the addressing most important damage which can be caused to people.

There are other damages too such as wealth, time, and emotion. You can forever buy from these gurus and still be unhappy. They have to make their “happy pills” addictive and with short-term capability, so they can run their business forever.

They even FORCE their customers to be donators.

For example, A man buys a product from above mentioned Isha Foundation. They don’t give bills. Sometime later he receives ‘Donation receipt’ instead. Source.

If you’re a devotee of the Sat-gurus, I deeply respect that. If your life is better because of their content, product & services, I’m no one to deny the validity of that.

The problem here is these gurus tend to have a high reputation because people’s lives improve arguably, but then they exploit their blind faith to their advantage.

You have grown up worshipping your gods. You have heard a million times how “god” has saved your family from the crisis. You have gained hope from the word “god” in your darkest times. You had strength because of your belief in “god.”

Though I’m no one to take it away, I’m a responsible citizen to point out the greed and inhumane behaviors around it by these “godly men” or anyone who claims to somehow having “wrong numbers” (Yes PK reference) of god.

Here are some rule of thumbs to live by to save yourself from such exploitation:

Rule of Thumb no. 1 is in this internet era, take everyone and everything – including me – with a grain of salt. Not because people and I are bad, but because there are limitations to everything and everyone.

This is a society where everyone plays their role and we together make it work. For example, if I’m concerned about the violations of the Political rights of people and environmental harms caused by Sadhguru’s Isha Foundation, I’m missing out on the number of people who deeply adore the man and credit him for their better lives. This is no small thing either.

That takes us to rule of thumb number two: People can be evil AND good both at the same time. Now again, I’m not necessarily applying to this specific person, but yeah. YOU have to decide for yourself: use logic, reason, data, & common sense to judge and take decisions for YOURSELF.

Rule of thumb no. 3: Trust people who BRUTUALLY admit their limitations and EXPLICITLY tell it.

Rule of thumb no. 4: Ask questions where you think you need to. Do you like some authoritative figure? That’s good. Is that okay if you BLINDLY & ABSOLUTELY believe in whatever they have to say? – NOPE!

As I write this Indian Medical Association (IMA) demanded, under Epidemic Diseases ACT, charges against Ram Kishan Yadav also known as Baba Ramdev – again wildly respected public guru – for disrespecting the Doctor community by claiming allopathy as stupid science. Enough said.

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Take precautions and care! 🙂

See ya in the next one!

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