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Activist Disha Ravi And Toolkit – Democracy At Its Best!

For those who will rather listen

21 year old, Fridays For Future – India – head, Disha Ravi, got recently arrested for editing the potentially anti-India toolkit, tweeted by Greta Thunberg to mobilize farmer protests.

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Delhi Police in a Twitter Statement said the toolkit document’s call was to “wage an economic, social, cultural, and regional war against India,” and it’s the primary reason for the 26th January violence.

Mind you guys, there has been reporting of people from ‘unknown groups’ inciting violence on 26th January. They were not part of any farmer groups. They attacked Police, they claimed to be from farmer groups.

Real question is, why does nobody know who were they? Do farmers really have a murdering grudge in their hearts, the same ones who put their blood and sweat in the crops for common Indian people?

Sure it sounds like something Arnab Goswami would write, well, that’s the point.

What exactly police find sedative about her?
Well. toolkits are a great way to make a campaign comprehensible. All protests and campaigns must have it. For example, if you were to organize a protest, you gotta tell people what they need to know. Why is the protest? How to do it in a peaceful yet impactful way etc.

There is not an exact excerpt of text that Delhi Police find sedative. Although Disha has been alleged as a ‘Key conspirator, collaborated with pro-khalistani body.’

Disha Ravi has been consistent in her efforts for environmental activism. Her passion for climate justice derives from her first-hand experience of droughts and floods on her grandmother’s farms. She said she wanted to help food providers – our respected farmers.

Many major newspaper editorials, as The Hindu, The Indian Express, The telegraph, etc. have been come ahead in solidarity and condemned her arrest. For ‘toolkit’ is weaponized unfairly, and Delhi Police did not follow proper guidelines of the inter-state arrest.

Do you think if Govt. were to release a new policy which states that income tax has been increased by 50% more because Govt. wants more money to spend, would be a fair policy?

What would you do to protest then?

What if you were declared anti-national and put in jail for protesting?

Isn’t the soul of democracy lives in the general public’s (Including you and me) right to protest?

Hard (and important) questions for Delhi Police:
If India is being conspired for a ‘war’, what is the intensity? Shouldn’t we all be worried? Why does Defence Ministery have no statements about it? How much does ‘speculation of war’ is fact-based?

Guys, it’s not just about her. As I write this article, I’ll admit I’m afraid of getting backlash. I doubt that’s the fear the arrest is meant to stimulate.

And that’s why we should speak even louder than before, for we the people of republic India value truth and justice over security and these invisible tapes on our mouths.


Share it with those who think Disha is anti-national and terrorists.

Share it with those who are in power. They can be govt. officials, teachers, local ministers.
This battle is not over yet, till then

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