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Mental Health Rights – Key to a better world and India

For those who will rather listen

I’ve been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. I suffer from social anxiety on daily basis. You know, it’s sick, when it makes your life miserable at times.

Only if we start to talk about our REAL problems more, that is, the inner psychological problems, we’ll be far better off.

Mental health services: How to get treatment if you can't afford it

But in a world where showing off is valued and rat race is the point, it gets difficult.

Obviously, all people deal with mental health issues in their life, few admit it. Fewer dare to get help. It is sad, that a person needs courage, to get help when he’s sick.

It does not have to be like this.

The Awakened Youth community declares rebel against stigma around mental health and for mental health rights.

This post is the first and guiding step to the way forward. It’d be the theme for April.

I have a couple of Datasets to assess India’s mental health.

This is data from recent research, where more than 40% of people, out of 500, said covid has a POSITIVE impact on their lives.

Surprisingly amusing.

Now data from TAY insta page, 100% of the people who participated in the quiz acknowledged they suffer from mental health problems in their personal life.

According to the Live Love Laugh 2018 National Survey Report, in India perception of mental health is not very romantic.

62% of people (There were 3556 participants) harshly judge the people with mental health illness, using terms like “retard”, ‘crazy’, ‘mad’, ‘stupid’, ‘careless’ & ‘irresponsible’ to describe people with mental illness.

60% of respondents believed that lack of self-discipline and willpower were the main causes of mental illness. That means people were being really hard on mental health patients.

60% of respondents believed that mentally unhealthy people should have their own groups so as not to contaminate healthy people. This is most scary among all, for it demands contamination for mental health patients.

Little wonder that this mindset leads us to a situation where the mentally ill people around the world have increased rates of imprisonment, homelessness, social exclusion, untreated illness, and various other denials of rights.

Mental Health Care Bill 2013 aims to exactly fight this only.

So if we have the law behind our backs, if we’re really struggling through some hardships, if some people dedicate their whole life to help people struggling with mental health issues, what’s stopping us from speaking up?

This post is here to encourage talk about mental health.

If you’re a content creator, I urge you to create a piece of content dedicated to the mental health well-being of your audience. And tag The Awakened Youth if you wish to.

If you’re a student and just want to share what you have learned and do not want to use your social media, dm your creation to the Instagram page of The Awakened Youth. I’ll post for all community members to consume.

Above all take care of yourself and your loved once, whatever it takes.

Rebel against stigma around mental health! Because you’re The Awakened Youth.

See ya, in our next battle!

2 thoughts on “Mental Health Rights – Key to a better world and India

  1. Jyoti Bora

    This is not a big problem if we want to freedom for it as l know if we live with calm and coolness surely we defeat the problem
    With help of friendly atmosphere
    Your efforts are amazing to motivate the youth
    All the best


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