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Feminism: Let’s Smash Patriarchy & Dowry system!

For those who will rather listen

Kerela woman found dead: suicide case!

On June 21, Vismaya V. Nair, 24, was found hanging at her husband’s house near Sasthamkotta in the Kollam district. It was a case of dowry where her husband and his family wanted cash and her family gave them a car. Her husband, S. Kiran Kumar, a state government employee, surrendered before the police late on the same day.

Whenever I see a woman being told that she deserves no better than being a slave under a man’s lead, I get angry like you.

Abuse does not have to be physical. It is in fact psychological more often than not.

What does exactly psychological abuse mean?
Making someone believe that they are worthless.

I somehow used to believe that the world is a fairy place. The truth is it’s simply indifferent to your existence. It means you’re responsible for your well-being. You gotta stand up for yourself if you find yourself in such a situation. Because if you can’t save yourself, no one else will.

Do you think urban India has ‘accepted’ divorce as a concept? Think again. 

That means yes, there’s help for you in the world out there. But you have to be the one who seeks it. It can’t come to you randomly.

Data to fight with:

In 2019, reported dowry death cases in India amounted to more than 7.1 thousand. This was a gradual decrease from 2014, in which this number was approximately 8.5 thousand. Find full data of “reported” dowry death cases from 2005 to 2019 here.

In 2020, between March 25 and May 31, 1,477 complaints of domestic violence were made by women. This 68-day period recorded more complaints than those received between March and May in the previous 10 years. Find full sophisticated data here.

It’s extremely hard to collect data on these issues. This is not safe either for the women who primarily provide it.

Data on the points that what keeps women from getting help in the situations these sour and lack of training of help-providers are crucial to creating better practices for preventing domestic violence.


In a patriarchal society, it’s easy to buy theories of your husband being supreme or whatever.

We must not accept it as our fate. Women, you are more powerful than you realize.

If this article provides you the anger you need to stand up for women’s rights, share it with others so that it can reach the maximum number of people!

See ya in the next one!

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