Taliban Rule In Afghan

For those who will rather listen

It is mournful, heart-wrenching, and soul thrashing. It is life-threatening for innocent Afghans.

Armed Taliban stand around the president's desk
Taliban-ies in Afghan Presidential Office

How the Taliban took control of Afghanistan?

Back in the year, the US decided to take its troops out of the country. For those who don’t know, the Taliban is an old terrorist organization. And the US has had its army there for 20 years now for anti-terror purposes.

This played a major role in the Taliban takeover.


Taliban’s strategic takeover: When NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) decided to hand over the security to Afghan troops, the Taliban underperformed on purpose so that America feels more confident about the withdrawal during 2011-2014. Taliban increased its offense despite its ‘agreements’ with the US. AND IT DId not bother the US. And here we are crying for Afghan people’s rights.

Billions spent tackling Taliban

According to estimates by the Costs of War Project at Brown University, the United States has spent more than $2 trillion on the war in Afghanistan. Source.

And then it ABANDONED Afghanistan overnight.

US president Joe Biden was unapologetic about his decision. According to him, the common people of America have suffered enough for Afghanis. He believes that if Afghan people are not willing to help themselves, why should they help!?

What is the world gonna do about it?

At least, now many countries have stopped funding Afghan as a country. Refuge Rehabilitation should be the priority for countries around the world now.

Responsibility is on the US, UN, charities, and the human rights groups – and frankly on anyone who cares about human rights.

Will the Taliban promote and create a terror environment?

Stories of brutality on women and child violence are already in the headlines such as burning women who have cooked food badly. Yes, this is the intensity of terror.

However, a large part of the Afghan economy is run by foreign aids and IMF donations, which were being ceased as of now.
As the Taliban gets deprived of International support, it is going to struggle with paying salaries and run the country. It has some funds of its own though, and also taxes & revenue from oil are other sources of income for it.

So it has to PRETEND to care about the rights of people if not for real. It has already promised income for people.

They are trying to promise things and they need to deliver those to build trust, not only of other countries but the native countrymen who believe in them.

On the flip side, if the Taliban remains unsupported, it can suppress the innocent ones even more.

Though Russia and China seem interested in the Taliban govt. that is why the Taliban has some sort of hope. Source.

The situation can be summed up like this: The Taliban is trying to position itself as a responsible international community member but to be able to do that it needs to PROVE the world that it respects basic human rights, which it truly doesn’t.

Who’s in charge of the Taliban?

Mawlawi Haibatullah Akhundzada is the current leader of the Taliban since 2016.

Are you the part of problem or solution?

How you can be a problem?

A) By saying things publicly like India should fix its poverty before helping innocent Afghans. Anyone who asks why India should care: watch this video, you will know. Moreover, humanity remains beyond boundaries. Plus, when we needed vaccines desperately, the world has come to help us so it’s not even a favor, but a mutual agreement for the world’s collective survival in the long term.

B) People who are giving religion to the Taliban. They may claim to be traders of religion, but remember, terrorism has NO religion. It has greed for power. It is their trick to gain the trust of people. Allah doesn’t appreciate the killing of innocents and the raping of women. They are monsters.

So neither people who are hating on Muslims using Taliban takeover nor Muslims who are supporting Taliban doing any good to humanity. They both carry hatred. They both are fond of destruction. They both deserve to be DESPISED.

We must not acknowledge the Taliban. India has always been the country that NEVER acknowledged the Taliban officially, even after 20 years. Something to be proud of irrespective of the current governments’ bigotry treatment of the issue – in which it stated that it is only gonna evacuate only Hindu & Sikh people. Yes, it’s embarrassing and bigotry, sorry for that. You can always use your voice to call out.

Please speak up for them, get yourself educated on this issue as much as you can, share donation links, and if none of it, please don’t BE the problem. Humble request.

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See ya in the next battle! 🙂

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