Covid-19 Fight

Covid-19 Fight: Fight with love & for love!

For those who will rather listen
Rebelling for the human rights of doctors

There’s an unfortunate video where we can see how a doctor resigns after being rebuked by a cold-headed politician. This is mental abuse at work. Claims are that there is going to be a lack of medical workers. And incidents like these do not help. Source.

West Bengal Post Poll Violence

Now that the West Bengal election results betrayed the ruling party in center’s expectations, we can see the instant misinformation on how the party in power is mass killing and rap-ing in the streets of West Bengal.

When the truth is, it’s NOT communal but political conflict where none of the rapes reported, but deaths from both TMC and BJP parties have been observed, which is just unfortunate.

I will not be doing justice with the matter if I don’t acknowledge there’s more to it than just the BJP spreading fake news. Here is your detailed report.

Current Covid-19 Situation

The 11 states, UP, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattishgarh, Hariyana, Delhi, Maharastra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu & West Bengal has around 71% of active covid patients in India as of the latest news reported on 06-05-2021. Source: Danik Bhaskar Printed News Paper. b

This is no news that we are having vaccine shortages, inadequate oxygen supply chains, and inadequate beds and medicines.

The world has come ahead to help us.

The private corporations ain’t living up to their evil perception either. Here’s how brands are helping India fight against Covid-19.

Government’s Disastoruos Crisis Management

Why is Delhi systematically deprived of resources?
Supreme Court warned central to supply 700 tons of oxygen to Delhi every day, otherwise, the court will have to take strict action on concerned officials.

Our vaccination capacity for the next 3 months is – if we assume best case scenario – 45 crore doses for 22.5 crore people. India has 100+crore people to get vaccinated. If not more, a country’s 60% population should get vaccinated to contain the virus. But even that is far apart for at least a year. Source.

A question government must consider is:

How come foreign vaccines are not being approved, when they’ve protected millions in other countries? Aren’t we desperate enough to do the formal paperwork instead of saving lives?

Silent Stars

Our true enemies are not those who do not like us but are those “friends” that choose not to say anything when we need it most.

In a country where Bollywood defined culture and Cricket was worshipped, it grieves me to see no empathy or word from our beloved celebrities.

Why do Indian Celebrities are so spineless?

Remember these are the same people who stepped ahead on Rihana’s tweet to support farmer protest in India got viral to save the government’s a** in name of our “internal matter.” Eww.

Supreme court to our rescue

SC thankfully also orders governments to not threaten common people for asking for help on Social Media.

It was in the context of shameless Yogi govt. misusing National Security Act 1980 against patients and their families appealing for oxygen leads on social media. Source.

Closing words

According to the chief scientific advisor of the government of India, the third wave of Covid-19 is inevitable.

We’re gonna fight this battle – with love – strongly together anyway. 🙂

There’s a thing called “Call to Action” in the content creation world, which calls consumers to take a certain action, after that they’ve consumed the content. That’s how content marketing works.

My only CTA for you guys is:

Journalists are the people who deliver the news from often ground zero, by being in situations of danger just to REPORT we people the reality. They have to be there just to see what is going on and reporting it exactly as they saw it.

121 journalists in India died of Covid in 2021. Please for 10 seconds close your eyes and thank their work and pray for their family members as I’m doing the same with you guys.

See ya in our next battle!

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