Covid-19’s REAL Situation & Vaccination Explained

For those who will rather listen

It’s been a year and we’ve slowed down. The world literally stopped working. That is proof of how little we can control what happens to us.

Meanwhile, sentiments of pro-Hindus won’t stop overflowing, and they must do the Kumbh Snan. Even if it means diminishing all of the law and order.

there’s a reason we’ve been literally LOCKED DOWN for 1.5 years now, and it’s just irresponsible to be part of one such thing.

Who gave them permission to organize these large-scale religious gatherings anyway?

Now here are some data bombs to present REAL covid-story:

As of 17th April, 264 million+ people have been tested so far and the total confirmed cases are 14 million+. Nearly 176k deaths have been observed. -Source.

If we divide 14 million by 264 million and multiply the number by 100, we’ll find that 5.3% of people tests for Covid positive.

Even if we follow optimism, and assume that when the rest of 1.03 billion people will get tested the percentage will reduce – say – by 1%, then we find that 41 million people have corona.

It would not be unfair to the mathematics if we conclude that your neighbor, milkman, doctor, or anyone you come in contact with might have corona – and even they’re not aware of it.

Who knows if you have anyway?

There can be a strong possibility that many people had it and they got recovered as conveniently without ever consulting a doctor.

But did any of this is harmless?

The point is it is not about your health “only.”

We must deeply care for all those who are vulnerable to greater harm.

Such as older adults, young children, and people with additional health diseases.

How would you do that?

Do not get out, until it’s indispensable.

Wear a mask, when you do get out.

Try to maintain a certain (2m ideally) distance from people.

Wash your hands as often as you can.

Yes, it’s true that our life has become inconvenient. Nevertheless, we must celebrate that we still POSESS our life.

The second part of this post contains vaccination information and government efforts to prevent covid.

The government established PM Cares Fund to fight Covid-19 in 2020. How scammy noises came from this can be found here.

India has made its own “Vaccine Diplomacy” – for what it’s worth. India has exported 10s of millions doses until it becomes desperate to import from other countries. Source.

Another important unanswered question remains: Was India’s “vaccine export” an elaborate scam?

Having said that, in many states lockdown has been imposed.

Health Care workers are leading from the front.

We ARE preventing a lot of deaths.

In a time when we hear 1500+ deaths every day in the country, we must see the fact that we’re saving thousands of death too. (It’s a rough estimation, feel free to contribute and mention more precise estimation in the comments.)


Even if you have had deaths in your known circle, you are still hopeful about the future.

Great job!

Since I find that people are confused about how all of the vaccination works and what are its limitations, I’ll end this article – I retire the term “battle” for this piece, this is my way to honor ALL of us for the battle we’ve been fighting for past 1.5 years – with two important resources:

1. Playlist by experts on YouTube: Here’s a summary in case you’re lazy like me:

A. There can be side effects of Vaccines such as fatigue and Arm aches etc. Though they are rare and OKAY to have.

B. Again, young people should get vaccinated to protect the vulnerable ones.

C. Vaccine works for different variants of Covid-19 too.

D. You should get vaccinated even if you had recovered from Covid before.

2. Covid-19 Vaccine FAQs by Govt: Simple answers to genuine questions. Feel free to checkout.

Stay safe!

See ya!

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