Lakshadweep Needs Us: What happened and how to help!

For those who will rather listen

We can see the Lakshadweep in the news everywhere. What exactly happened? Why #SaveLakshadweep trending? How we can help if we can at all?

Lakshadweep has located almost 400+ km from the western coast of India. Its population is around 70,000. It’s good for Coconut trees and Toona fish is a key prey here. It has got boat and Toona fish factories. It has its own tourism market. It consists of 36 Islands from which 10 are inhabitable.

To sum up the whole controversy, this is a precise and concise paragraph from this article by Newslaundry.

“The sweeping changes and legislations proposed by Patel include a ban on beef, a Goonda Act though the union territory has fairly low crime rates, changes in panchayat rules, a contentious draft of land reforms, and a change in Covid protocol, which is believed to be the reason for a Covid crisis in the archipelago, which did not report a single infection last year.”

A ban on beef

MInd you, 90%+ population in Lakshadweep is Muslim and beef is their daily bread and butter. Imagine the government suddenly banning chapatis and vegetables as food in any North Indian state. This is not only cheap politics but also deeply inhumane and inconsiderate of people’s needs. As a policymaker your #1 priority is your people. But at this point, BJP ministers have proved that all they care about is POWER and PRIDE OF THEIR OWN. They claim to be the OWNERS of my mother India. They are instead assholes who don’t deserve to be called sons of mother India anymore by harming its secular character.

A goonda act

It is executed to deny/invalidate any protest or dissent against the government. The authoritative nature of BJP ministers is arrogant beyond sanity. People have elected them to SERVE, not to BEAT THEM UP for standing up for themselves. Not to mention to make things worse, they have even taken power from local panchayats, how desperate they are for power can be seen.

Lakshadweep development authority

It has also been granted absurd permissions of taking any land, They have destroyed boats of people. The administration claims they will make highways, museums, & theaters there.

The most dehumanising and painful truth is they DEPRIVED peacefully living PEOPLE of their homes, culture, values, and serenity. This is not only bad governance but VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, which must be rebelled.

Covid-19 Disaster Invitation

Not only these pathetic BJP ministers are power-desperate, but they are also INCOMPETENT even to make simple laws of public health – lifting of Covid restrictions for example.

Till December 2020, there were zero covid cases, but after a new policy which stated that anyone with a negative RT PCR test can get onto Island. Consequence? There are today 7000+ cases with 24 unfortunate deaths.

If we ever wish to be great, if mother India ever were to be world leader, WE MUST BRUTALLY DESPISE FASCISM and the people/parties who push it further.

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1 thought on “Lakshadweep Needs Us: What happened and how to help!

  1. C. J. Kumar

    But Ayisha inadvertently gave a stick to the administrator and his minion to conveniently beat the peace loving people of Lakshadweep into submission. Hope her lawyers are able to get her off the hook soon. In the meantime all the people of Lakshadweep should stand united and start a totally peaceful non-cooperation movement against the administrator and his fascist policies. And don’t expect people of Kerala or any other part of India to help you out. They have their own worries and are heavily dependent on the central govt for funds and other assistance. At best the rest of India will only offer lip sympathy and favourable comments which won’t be of much help to the people of Lakshadweep. Pray to God that good sense prevails and people of Lakshadweep are saved from this autocratic administrator.


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