Farmer Protests: TAYness Beyond Right & Wrong!

For those who will rather listen

So before we start to have a 360-degree view, allow me to explain what “TAYness” stands for.

As you can already guess it’s “The Awakened Youth – ness.”

What exactly it means?

The Awakened Youth

‘The’ implies its unique.

‘Awakened’ implies to rise from sleep.

Well, what does that mean?

Who exactly sleeping and why do they need to rise?

When you first hear it, you may derive arrogance from it, for you conclude it’s about me.

It’s not just about me.

It’s about you as much relentlessly.

So am I saying you need to be enlightened or something?



Why not older-s?

I believe in the power of young minds and their ability to think for themselves.

We’ve been told from a young age that we should not question and follow our elders blindly.

We’ve been told to not speak up, when our values are betrayed.

I think we deserve better.”

You should find this on ‘About The Awakened Youth’ section of the website soon.

This is going to be my style’s identity, and that’s how you can be a proud Tayian too if you believe and trust in the cause and me.

Let’s jump into the painful yet extremely important debate of the moment:

150+ farmers have died.
Policemen in two digits have died.
(Feel free to take a moment or minute to pray for their souls)

When I first heard a farmer died, I was shocked. The “To the people, for the people, by the people.” promise of the republic country got betrayed.

Here’s how exactly the events of 26th Jan unfolded:

Farmer and police agreed on a particular route – mainly around three border sites Tikri, Singhu, and Ghazipur boarders. Except a few of them – and a big chunk has not – choose to went into the city and Red Fort.

They even got around the red fort and flagged the ‘Nishan Sahib’ flag, a symbol of Sikh Religion seen at all Gurdwaras. I found that disrespecting of Mother India, however crimeless.

India saw vile violence.

It was just sad. It does not matter to whom the harm has been caused.

I believe, it does not have to be like that.

What is a prime minister if he can not address an issue, which is killing people, if not solved.

Undemocratic Internet ban incident:
You may say farm bills are good. You may believe farmers should accept them. Alas! You and I are no farmers. No amount of reading of farm bills will make us understand their sentiments and concerns. But I’ve tried.

Let’s say you disagree with a new rule in your house. You have little choice in the matter – assuming audience reading is largely Indian, but still, you’ll feel resentment.

But stakes are higher here, farmers are people who earn their bread by farming and ensures their existence.

Farmer Dies by Suicide Near Tikri Border, Note Expresses Anxiety Over 'Black Farm Laws'

If a lot of them can protest this much on something they are afraid of, they don’t need a lecture, they need to be understood.

I must tell you something shamelessly irresponsible act by Ms. Kangna Ranaut, who tweeted, farmers as terrorists. Name-calling them as Khalistaani is not gonna help either.

Was Rihana Paid?
At the time of writing this, no authentic new channels have reported so. Enough said.

Some people have constantly called me out for not presenting the other side. Or showing one side of the story.

Police have been harmed. I’ve seen – and you can search for it – a video where an uncontrollable driving of a tractor was being done by an insane person from the “farmer’s side.”

But let me ask you something, haven’t we already discussed policeman?

The Awakened Youthians does not support human right violations. So much that they are rebelling for them – and against injustice.

What does the government care for?

Recently I saw the news, where PM Modi, said in Rajayashabha, “Msp was there, is there, and will be there.”

Except it’s not in law but in their words.

Now a classic argument is “no other country has such rule.”
Well, that’s not even worth discussing, sorry.

What do we do?
Make noise for what is right – and do it in a way that matters.

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Share it with the ‘side takers.’ Do not criticize them. Say I respect you, and you are wrong. Maybe I’m too, this is something beyond right and wrong. 🙂

See ya in our next battle!

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